Is This Your Clan?

In addition to the various spellings of Maclean, there are a large number of surnames that are traditionally associated with or belong to this great Scottish family. These additional surnames are referred to as “septs” and the following list, although extensive, is not necessarily complete.

The Clan Maclean Associations traditionally admit those whose spouse, parent, grandparent or great-grandparent bore the name of one of these septs. Do you find your name? Then join Clan Maclean PNW!

Avoy Bay Bea Beath Beatie
Beaton Beattie Beatty Beeton Bheath
Bheatha Bheaton Bethune Betun Bey
Black Clanachan Claneachainn Clanichan Cormack
Cormic Cormick de Bethune Dewart Douie
Doward Dowart Dowie Dowey Dowy
Duart Duie Eachainn Echan Eichan
Evoy Fadyen Garbhe Garvie Garvey
Gilhon Gillan Gilland Gillean Gillivray
Gillon Huey Huie Jarvie Lain
Laine Lane Layne Leach Lean
Leatch Lech Leche Leiche Leitch
Leytch Litch MacAvey McAvey MacAvoy
McAvoy Macavy MacBay MacBeath MacBeatha
MacBea McBea MacBee McBee MacBeth
MacBheath MacBheatha MacCormack McCormack MacCormaig
MacCormaich MacCormick McCormick MacClanachan MacCracken
McCracken MacCraken McCraken MacEachan MacEachain
MacEvoy Macevy McEvoy MacFadden MacFaden
MacFadgen MacFadyen MacFadzean MacFayden MacFergain
MacFergan MacFethridge MacFetridge MacGarvie MacGarvey
MacGeachan MacGillean MacGillivray Macgilvra McGilvray
MacGuire Maguire MacGwyer MacHarvey Maciduy
Macildowie Macildue Macilduff Macileich Macilergan
Macilhuie Macilvra Macilvera Macilvora MacLergain
MacLegran MacPeadrus MacPhadden MacPhaiden MacPhetridge
MacSpadden McSpadden MacSpedden McSpedden MacVay
MacQuire MacRankin MacRaing McVay MacVeagh
McVeagh MacVeigh McVeigh MacVey McVey
MacVoy McVoy Maguire Niger Paden
Padon Paton Patten Peden Raing
Rankan Rankin Rankine Ranking Vay