Dae ye speik Scots?

A wee bit of Scottish culture, and fun!

Absent Minded Andra –There are many advantages (so we’re told) of being older and more mature, but there is a downside – and forgetfulness is certainly one aspect. But we can always have a wry smile at the absent-mindedness of others – such as “Andra” in this poem. The author of this poem is only given as “Meg” – in an old copy of “Scots Story Recitations” where this piece was found in the Scottish Poetry Library.

One Liners 

Rally Round The Banner Written by Lauchlan MacLean Watt for the 1912 clan gathering, and sung again in 2012 at Duart Castle.

Scots Jokes

Scots Toasts

You need to speak Scots-These jokes rely on double entendre of the phrase in italics for humour. Say the words with a scots (lowland) accent and it becomes obvious.

23RD PSALM-This version of Psalm 23 is from the Psalter published by the Church of Scotland in the 17th century (the version still used today by Church of Scotland congregations).