Maclaines of Lochbuie

The Clans MacLean of Duart and MacLaine of Lochbuie are two divisions of the same family. Both clans are descendant of Gillean of the Battleaxe. Our clan is usually considered to be descendants of John Dubh, a great grandson of Gillean.  It is from John Dubh’s two sons Hector and Lachlan that the MacLeans and MacLaines are derived. After John Dubh’s death, the problem of the “chiefly claim” arose between Hector presumably the eldest and Lachlan his junior. Given the period under discussion (1325-1400) this is irrelevant. At that time and within the clans of Scotland the succession to the position of chief was not based on primogeniture(“ to the eldest son”) but went to the son best qualified and most accepted by the clansmen as being capable of fulfilling the role. In this case Lachlan was selected and appointed as 5th Chief of the Clan Maclean of Duart.  Hector’s descendants moved to Moy Castle at Lochbuie several miles away. In fact the original spelling of their surnames, written in Gaelic, would have looked very different. The alternative spelling MacLaine did not occur until about mid 18th century, when many spellings of surnames being made uniform.  The significance of our clan is that we are one of very few to have been granted the hereditary honour by the Lord Lyon King of Arms that both the Head of the House of Duart and of Lochbuie have the rank of Chief and are members of the stranding council of Scottish Chiefs.